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What is LCR?

Liquidity Coverage Requirements


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Liquidity Coverage Requirements (LCR) Reporting:

LCR stands for Liquidity Coverage Requirements. Under UK prudential regulations, Firms are expected to report their Liquidity Coverage Requirement positions in accordance with the PRA’s requirements.

The PRA have now issued final rules and supervisory statements on accommodating the European Commission’s delegated act with regard to the liquidity coverage requirement for credit institutions

The majority of the rules on Liquidity Coverage Requirement (LCR) Reporting under CRD IV will take effect from 1st October 2015.

The reporting of a firm’s LCR in accordance with the PRA’s requirements is to ensure the regulator is able to monitor a firm’s compliance with the Liquidity Coverage Requirements and their liquidity resilience from the effective date and before the introduction of the new LCR return following adoption by the EC.

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The following Supervisory and Policy Statements provide additional detail with regards to the Liquidity Coverage Reporting (LCR) Requirements: