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COREP Guidance COREP Terms & Definitions CONTACT US Minimum Initial Capital Requirements for Firms

What are the minimum initial capital requirements for firms?


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Initial Capital Requirements:

Notwithstanding whether a firm is subject to prudential regulation under IFPRU (the Prudential Sourcebook for Investment Firms) or BIPRU (the Prudential Sourcebook for Banks, Building Societies and Investment Firms), there are three levels of initial capital required, as a minimum, dependent upon the nature and scope of the firm’s business.

The levels of base own funds or initial capital requirements are:

i.e.  for BIPRU 730K firms and IFPRU 730K firms

i.e. for BIPRU 125K firms and IFPRU 125K firms

i.e. for BIPRU 50K firms and IFPRU 50K firms)

GBP Initial Capital requirements:

To view the equivalent GBP amount for initial capital requirements, that must be reported upon COREP sheet C 04.00 (CA4) see our COREP FX page that provides £ Initial Capital Requirement figures for each reporting period.

COREP C 04.00 records a firm’s Capital Adequacy requirements including their initial capital requirement.

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