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What is XBRL?


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What is XBRL?

Extensible Business Reporting Language - or XBRL - is a global format of exchanging data and information that is largely based upon XML computer language.

Under the new reporting framework, the regulators are requesting COREP regulatory reports to be uploaded into their GABRIEL system in XBRL data format with the aim of standardising automated business intelligence.

How can I convert from  Excel to XBRL?

Converting MS Excel Spreadsheets to XBRL Format can be done using the right software and we have relationships with professional software vendors that specialise in XBRL data conversion ready  for submission. Our team is also experienced in undertaking XBRL tagging and validation upon Excel-XBRL conversion software.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist with your XBRL regulatory reporting requirements for COREP, please do get in touch.