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COREP Assistance & Support:

COREP not only covers credit risk, but also market risk, operational risk, own funds and capital adequacy ratios and has been adopted in over 30 countries within Europe.

COREP returns are to be submitted in XBRL format upon the FCA’s GABRIEL system.

If you should need any assistance in completing your COREP Returns, we can help, just get in touch.

The Corep Support Team at Compound Growth have extensive experience in assisting firms with reviewing their COREP reporting and have been ensuring that accurate client COREP reports have been submitted since implementation in 2014.

If you would like support in assessing your firm’s compliance with the rules, regulations and reporting requirements we would be only too happy to assist. SImply get in touch with our friendly and supportive COREP Support team.

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COREP Assistance:

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Why not ensure your firm remains compliant with the submission of COREP reports and get in touch with our friendly and professional team. We’d be happy to help.